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Tiandi box cartons lined with the use of materials

by:WenJie     2020-08-28

s box carton this box type we usually called peel box, can be used for gift packaging, jewelry, and some valuable small electronic products, food packaging, etc. , such as our most common mobile phone boxes, that is, this kind of packing. So for tiandi box of lining materials is there are a lot of exquisite, electronic products, need the strong earthquake will choose foam sponge. Electronics box is more commonly used in cartons lined with the use of material shock-proof sponge, especially some precision of 3 c electronic digital products, more customers choose to use. If it is put scratches will combined with wool, silk, etc. Many of the jewelry products is this kind of packing. If it is, of course, can choose ordinary cardboard or paper for internal fixation. For example a m home phone shock is nested inside the carton are used for fixed. It is relatively simple, if it is paper mould cavity is difficult. The price also is relatively high.

a box the complexity of the carton paper mould directly correspond to the price. Preliminary design and validation are heavy and complicated, until the sample come out, may have to spend tens of thousands. The general process is such, need to provide detailed product parameters and specific shock, friction, waterproof impermeability concrete data reference and so on. Then our design department to design lining will be according to the customer's data, offer several design schemes and choice, preliminary reached intent, hammer out the sample, we will give customers to sample production, followed by product packaging test, if not qualified can be design and modify repeatedly, until after the customer satisfaction will be put into mass production. Lined with molded pulp, paper, paper packaging, toys, gifts pulp molded packaging can effectively protect the product from the factory to the warehouse, the transit from retailers to consumers from being damaged, and keep the parts and accessories products in good condition.

new s box of carton paper lining, using including lining and shell and lining, lining and shell and inner core of which is composed of paperboard die-cutting after folding, lining and shell set on the spacing hole, set has a limit on the lining core hole, the inner core is installed in the lining and shell, principal deputy spacing hole spacing hole and the plane parallel to the plane with a predetermined spacing between, packaged products are placed in the main deputy spacing hole, hole spacing and inner shell and the inner core at the same time to limit and protection products. Able to buffer and protection, small electronic products for small electronic products provide a good printing & packaging & packaging design. Corrugated paper lining although appearance looks rough, not grade, but because of the corrugated paper folding structure, in the course of carriage, corrugated paper will produce extra gas to reduce friction, increase the buffer force, protect the support for the whole article. The corrugated paper as a new environmental protection lining, at present is common in the wine packaging applications.

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