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Three major development trend analysis of printing ink in China in the future

by:WenJie     2020-04-14
In recent years, with the popularization of technology and market competition, the domestic many traditional state-owned enterprises; ink technology lead gradually lose, other private enterprise product cost advantage also revealed, and expanding its market share. Minority traditional old state-owned enterprises has failed to keep up with the industry technical transformation, technology has failed to keep up with the change of the market, which is also produced change, that is, from the original others follow us, become we follow somebody else. And because of the popularity of product technology and quality of product homogeneity, product competition, competition gradually became product prices and quality of service. The success of the private enterprise is go the way of market driven, development direction of the printing ink as follows: 1. Develop market for ink products: especially the competitiveness of good quality and cheap products, occupy the low-end market, such as paper, offset printing ink, plastic table printing ink and in printing ink, etc; 2. To develop environmental printing ink, such as alcohol soluble type in gravure printing ink, waterless offset printing (soybean oil Environmental protection) ink, water-based ink, The water-based plastic printing ink is support for the development of environmental protection products of guangdong province) And UV/EB flexo printing ink and other new type of ink; 3. Development of high value-added products: ink such as industrial inkjet products ( Continuous inkjet cIJ, on-demand drop the DOD) , conductive ink, ink anti-counterfeiting security, etc. Ink varieties more, purpose is different also, and using ink printing is a technology, so the ink technology service also appears especially important. Not only requires server must be familiar with ink, but also incredibly printing & packaging technology. If you have any advantages such as an ink used in where, where is the customer, reflected how to use the advantages of products, etc. We should find out the customer ( Including dealers, use, manufacturer, individual consumers, etc. ) On the quality of our products and service satisfaction, understand customer opinion of products: 1. Customer service ( Such as supply, delivery, product instructions, similar product introduction, etc. ) Whether satisfaction; 2. Whether new products to meet the requirements of the customer requirements; 3. The quality of the product ( Such as product quality, advanced degree, the degree of stability, and the deficiency, etc. ) : 4. Reflect the information of speed are satisfied to the customer, satisfied after-sale service, etc. ; 5. Customer application products of process equipment is reasonable, whether stored reference or improvements, etc. Gradually formed a market ( Customers) As the center, and have to meet the needs of customers to provide the appropriate ink products, thus improve the customer satisfaction for ink products and services, thereby expanding the ink market share. In the past ten years, our country product the quality and quantity of ink, great changes have taken place, but our country is still a developing country, print per capita consumption is still very low, only 5% of the per capita consumption of developed countries, ink usage is low, the next 5 & ndash; — 1 o years will keep national economy high speed development in our country, the grand development of the printing ink is also obvious. In the next few years the development of printing ink industry, in addition to increase product, more should pay attention to adjust the product structure, improve the production concentration, intensify research and development, improve the technology content, improve quality, improve the stability of the product, in order to adapt to the polychromatic, high-speed, quick drying, no pollution and low consumption of modern printing needs.
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