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The UV printing rubber roller installation method

by:WenJie     2020-04-01

1: the end of the first to take the new rubber roller clean of impurities, and then choose the type, model all comply with the design requirements of bearing, the grease in various mating surfaces, right, hard knocks bearing casing, evenly until bearing installed. Avoid by all means is applying pressure on bearing directly, casual, to prevent the damage of bearing before unused.

2: make sure the rubber roller bearing, axis lubrication. In front of the plastic roller machine, rubber roller bearing both ends to the appearance and the rubber roller bearing cover, support with grease besmear again, minimize for back and forth ink roller chain formed by rotating, impact, friction, reduce the rubber roller and shaft seat on both sides of the wear and tear.

3: new ink roller to adapt to the application when set up a complete set of rubber roller and ready to use UV ink printing before, must first with transparent UV ink or UV ink and ink roller to run 2 ~ 3 hours, let it ADAPTS to the UV printing ink, ink roller washing machine with UV water again after cleaning, before being UV printing & packaging process. If not in accordance with the above procedures, some of the UV ink may be hardened, and on the ink roller surface results in uneven inking, fever, and hard to clean, ink roll and easy to wear. Like ordinary ink printing, such as new ink roller is set up after the printing can be achieved.

4: UV printing and ordinary printing conversion program by UV printing ink into ordinary ink printing, should use special UV printing first water to clean the ink roller washing machine, then use ordinary ink printing, should check whether all the ink roller before printing ink have been completely. By the ordinary into the UV printing & packaging ink, the ink cleaning be ready for the UV printing ink roller. But as found on the ink is not good, can use transparent UV ink or UV printing ink to make the ink roller operation about 12 hours after UV printing. Debugging to accurately determine the appropriate position on the rubber roller in the UV printing & packaging presses, regulate water roller, ink roller pressure. Rubber roller position right or not, is directly related to the degree of uniform ink brush and ink, directly affects the quality of printed matter, and it also directly affects the other aspects, such as the service life of rubber roller, etc. Among the ink roller contact pressure to maintain uniform, appropriate, such as pressure slants big, can make the rubber roller compression deformation, colloid due to excessive heat expansion, ink is heated and it's easy to get loose, even degumming & throughout; , affects the quality of the printing ink; On the other hand, and easily make the rubber roller head ( Bearing) Or damaged shaft hole. Ink forme roller height adjustment is also very important, too high will cloth uneven ink, too low, easy to scratch colloid, and intensifying plate wear. Ink forme roller contact with the plate, generally can be put on the plate a strong toughness about 40 g/m2, when ink forme roller rolling up note after pulling a sense of compression resistance.

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