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The UV printing process can produce irritating odor source

by:WenJie     2020-04-01
The UV printing process can produce excitant odour, including print will eventually with some irritating smell. So, the excitant odour on earth come from? UV curing unit work produce ozone UV curing unit produced by ultraviolet wavelength range is 200 ~ 425 nm. Among them, the 275 - nm under short-wave ultraviolet light contact with oxygen in the air, easy to produce ozone, is a major source of excitant odour. These ozone are often unable to decompose, floating in the air not only, also will remain in the print surface ( quality have adsorption, will be reserved for some smell) 。 Studies have shown that consuming too much ozone, will not only stimulate the respiratory tract, cause sore throat, chest cough, bronchitis and emphysema, also can cause dizziness, headache, decreased vision, nerve poisoning symptoms, including memory loss. The UV printing ink itself produce irritating smell excitant odour of UV ink mainly comes from two aspects: one is the UV printing ink raw materials (itself Diluent such as monomer, initiator, resin in low molecular weight link agent, etc. ) Under certain conditions will slow release of excitant odour; Second, after UV ink curing, initiator, resin and other raw materials can produce aldehyde, sulfur pyrolysis excitant gas. At present, the vast majority of UV printing of excitant odour mainly comes from the UV curing ink before and after the release of volatiles. If some monomer or resin reaction is incomplete, remaining no reaction of acrylic & throughout; The stink of ingredients, can produce irritating, such situation in the domestic raw materials. If monomer for low molecular weight and low boiling point, it may be volatile at room temperature out of bad odor, especially single functional monomers, such as IBOA ( Different synthetic borneol acrylate) 。 If the UV printing ink used in the monomer and the resin has good quality, there is no odor, then the initiator is likely to be the greatest irritating odor source of UV ink. In addition, UV ink used in solids, such as pigment, filler, such as wax, basic no smell, can need not consider. Different substrates to produce excitant odour of substrates including current UV printing & packaging paper, gold and silver cardboard, aluminum foil, transfer paper, synthetic paper and PVC, PP, PET, ABS, PC film, etc. In significantly higher than the room temperature conditions, coupled with intense ultraviolet light, substrates will be ripped off complex chemical substances, to produce a little irritating smell. And a large number of printing quality of the pile of pile of storage can lead to heat to send out, causing the excitant odour of residue within the printing quality. UV cleaner produce excitant odour UV detergent of high boiling point ethers, esters and alcohols solvent composition and so on, belong to the organic volatiles. UV printing before, if use UV printing immediately after cleaning agent cleaning equipment, UV detergent will mix with UV ink, and residue on the surface of substrates, which produce irritating smell. UV detergent ingredients, excitant odour is produced by large difference. High boiling point of the UV detergent cleaning effect is good, but the volatile slow, easy to cause a large number of residues; Low boiling point of the UV detergent, such as ethanol, ethyl acetate, cleaning effect is general, but the volatile fast, not easy to remain. In general, the same kind of UV detergent formulation will use high boiling point and low boiling point components collocation.
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