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The UV curing ink storage place matters needing attention are introduced

by:WenJie     2020-04-03
UV curing from the perspective of physical points on the surface of curing, the inner curing, curing deep, completely cured. So in the use of UV ink, must fully before use must be fully stir the printing ink mixing is the most basic principle of ink used. This is because the ink in the proportion of resin, solvents, pigments, additives, printing & packaging ink is placed after a period of time will appear statified phenomenon. If not fully mixing before use, the proportion of light component in the upper, than the major components of the precipitates, such, can appear the customer response of ink quality is not stable, often using ink hiding power, adhesion differences before and after wait for a phenomenon. For to UV light solid ink, UV ink is contained in the sunshine ultraviolet ray, it is recommended that the UV printing & packaging ink silk-screen printing workshop indoor light shoulds not be too bright sunshine, such as curtain the light too bright workshop, please try to keep out light, such as indoor have more fluorescent lamp of silk screen printing workshop, please note that the silver powder off ultraviolet transmittance phenomenon caused by fluorescent lamp appearance, indoor light is too strong and fluorescent UV transmission phenomenon can cause UV ink in the process of the silk screen printing & packaging in curing appears on the screen, screen to jams.
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