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The use of the printing press composite scraper experience and installation method

by:WenJie     2020-04-06
Press the use of composite scraper experience: 1, the blade thickness uniform, in the process of production in knife, only need to replace the blade, knife and knife holder can use for a long time, that can save 30% of the cost. 2, using a special cutter holder, blade change quickly, save work time, also reduces the work intensity. 3, the blade thickness uniform, can guarantee the uniformity and stability of scraping effect, print quality is consistent. 4, for graphic products have layers, the printing & packaging effect is better. 5, good abrasion resistance, long service life, long hot don't suitable for printing & packaging. Press combination scraper installation method: 1, thoroughly clean the printer on scraper frame, confirm no ink and residue, and the have burrs grinding. 2, toolholder, wrapped in scraper frame, adjust the knife clip out length at the same time, general toolholder should extend tool post 16 ~ 25 mm, the length of the knife clip out by vernier caliper calibration. 3, clamp screw rotating knives, and fixed cutter holder, and rotation method and installing a traditional blades are exactly the same. 4, prepared to back, back to the length of the general to 20 mm, shorter than the length of the plate cylinder cut oblique mouth, respectively, on both ends with file burnish on both ends of the burrs. 5, will back knife inserted knife folder, and to ensure that the back is located in the middle of the cutter holder. 6, blade, cut a and dao nip long blade, also want to be in the ends of the blades are cut bevel, reoccupy file grinding burrs. 7, insert the blade of a knife holder, one end of the blade and the knife holder alignment, and then press the blade with soft cloth wrapped into the cutter holder. 8, a finger lightly across the whole blade, confirm whether the edge is smooth, whether smooth installation, the installation is solid, check whether there is any wavy edge on blade, blade presence of bruising, etc.
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