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The unification of the product packaging and planning requirements

by:WenJie     2020-04-02
The unified brand, unified image. Modern enterprises outstanding personality, style, reflect the high-tech and high quality enterprise connotation. Adapted to enterprise's product structure characteristics and meet the need of product innovation. Comply with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations. Survey research is the guarantee of successful planning. In the enterprise product packaging image planning, first of all should be both inside and outside the enterprise into the extensive and in-depth investigation. Investigation including the content of the enterprise business philosophy and development goals, the situation of product structure, packaging, etc. ; Respondents including enterprise senior leaders, marketing personnel, production management, quality management and product wholesalers, retailers and users of products, etc. Expert consulting experts from printing & packaging & packaging design can have twice the result with half the effort. Scheme is put forward on the basis of full investigation and study planning scheme is put forward. Project demonstration widely collected from all sides, the feasibility of scheme demonstration, modify repeatedly. Plan is determined, determine the completed product packaging image design manual, as the standard of enterprise product packaging design. Enterprise unified product packaging image is imperative, but also should with the enterprise the management goal, marketing plan, such as combining the actual situation, not one size fits all. If the existing product packaging in the market already has a high recognition, listed on the new packing need to elaborate, introduced a series of measures and matching, or blindly changing the packing will have adverse impact on product sales. Therefore, the enterprise unified product packaging image should be taken to seize the opportunities and gradually permeate throughout the &; The strategy.
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