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by:WenJie     2020-08-27

UV ink printing & packaging, small make up in the previous UV printing ink characteristics mentioned in flexo, offset printing, gravure, screen printing all can use UV ink, so small make up today is to introduce you to the types of UV ink specifically what, how do his application.

1, offset printing UV ink

offset printing ink can be used for printing fine products, common offset press use oily ink printing, in order to prevent each other under the paper adhesion, need from dry powder injection in the process of printing and paper used when a large number of partition, prevent accumulation is too much, because oily ink is not easy to dry quickly.

and characteristics of offset printing ink is able to achieve instant dry, UV curing can reduce the loss of small branches, improve the matching color overprint of ink transfer rate, in the use of gold and silver cardboard, non absorbent material such as polyethylene, paper coating as a carrier of printing, production of food packaging, cosmetics printing & packaging printing is easy.

is more suitable for the use of ink printing printing carrier are: metal foil, holographic film, etc. , such as common smoke shell, outer-package of high-grade gift boxes, tea, all kinds of CARDS printing a lot of use of metallic materials as a carrier of the print.

offset UV ink downside is that it is the price of the ordinary in 2 - oily ink Three times, and also need the ink roller, cleaning fluid, such as special equipment of form a complete set. Therefore, high printing cost is common offset printing.

2, flexo ink

UV flexo ink compared with water-based and solvent-based inks, in addition to the coloring ingredients and additives is the same, other components are not the same. In addition. Also slightly on purpose, on ordinary water-based flexo ink is mainly used for printing paper ( Corrugated paper, etc. ) And strengthen PE bag; Flexo printing ink solvent is mainly used for printing plastic film packaging materials, paper cups, etc. ; UV flexo printing ink is mainly used for printing trademark labels, paper, etc.

aqueous and solvent evaporation flexo ink mainly adopts hot air drying method, UV flexo printing ink is using the ultraviolet radiation from the UV lamp oligomer and monomer polymerization to make ink curing, excluding volatile components, so the ink in the print is 100% solid matter, can form solid ink film.

in the same way, the UV flexo printing ink abrasion resistance, water resistance, solvent resistance is superior to other flexo ink.

but flexo UV ink and cost issues, the unit price of UV flexo ink is water-based flexo ink unit price several times, in the market and the lack of price advantage in practical application.

3, screen printing UV ink

if you need to add ink layer thickness, using UV screen printing ink is easy to implement. Ordinary screen printing ink, both solvent evaporation type, type or chemical reaction, the solid content is about 40%, about 60%, solvent content and screen printing UV ink, solid content is 100%, almost no ink solvent evaporation, so after curing ink layer thickness, of course would be easy to leave high ink layer thickness in printing carrier. If use UV ink and general solvent-based inks on the same screen printing, UV ink curing ink layer thickness is common solvent volatilization after 2 - type printing ink ink film thickness Three times, is because the UV ink does not contain volatile solvent. And, as a result of UV ink adhesive performance better, printed ink layer color quality and more perfect.

with metal mirror luster of the surface of the substrates such as mirror silver card, gold card, plated foil card board, etc. , with silk screen printing UV ink technology, its visual effect is obvious more elegant, solemn, showily. This kind of printing & packaging and packaging products are mainly used in high-grade, elegant chic cigarettes, alcohol, cosmetics, health products, food, medicine and other fields.

screen printing UV ink, has more special craft effect, these include: ink UV wrinkles, UV ice foam, UV refraction, UV, UV grind arenaceous, UV glazing oil etc.

screen printing UV ink, silk screen, printing & packaging pressure, scraping Angle and other factors will affect the printing quality. So according to different design and requirements, appropriate to adjust relevant factors, in order to achieve the required printing effect.

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