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The two major factors affecting color printing packaging

by:WenJie     2020-09-13

color printing & packaging packing factory products can be used in the transport industry, the printing & packaging quality of the product more attention by people, now it's time to carefully to understand this knowledge introduction?

we actually in the process of printing, also need to pay attention to the acid-base properties of paper, it has a certain influence of product, in order to improve the efficiency, also can make the paper into alkaline. But, in fact, this can make the drying speed, in the process of printing paper will of alkali and acid compositions in water neutralization, influence the education version liquid pH. Secondly, there are a lot factors affect color printing image quality, equipment, materials, technical staff, etc. , these objective factors can be controlled, to advance the quality of color printing packaging.

in order to ensure the quality of color printing printing & packaging & packaging, need to find more formal manufacturers to buy, because the factory have advanced equipment and technology, the quality of the purchase is more reliable, saving a lot of cost.

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