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The structure and composition of inkjet printing plate system

by:WenJie     2020-04-08
(1) mainstream configuration PC CPU PentiumII above, more than 256 MB of memory) 。 (2) implement separation, hanging net, inkjet out special inkjet plate-making software. (3) the high accuracy of large-format inkjet printer. Use English at present most is EPSON fifth generation of 79, 99 series printers. It compared with the previous generations of products, EPSON company made two significant changes. First is to put the nozzle from the original 180 / group increased to 360 / group, greatly improving the printing & packaging speed. Second, changed the traditional pure with press paper round paper pattern, on the feeding transmission structure increased the stepper motor, the paper always maintain stable page when tension, greatly improving the alignment precision of the printer. At the same time, EPSON company fifth-generation products in the use of indicators such as stability, and the ink head life, than the fourth generation of products. (4) professional inkjet film output film. Inkjet film are mainly high transparent waterproof waterproof and not two. Realization of ink-jet printing & packaging the piece, the key is used in the film must be a high degree of ink and ink absorption does not spread to open. In printing & packaging process, in order to achieve higher precision and blackness, focus on the film a lot of ink, and so much ink must be absorbed by film in a very short period of time, and there is no diffusion phenomenon, it puts forward high demands on film. In addition there are many other professional and technical requirements, such as print plate pattern should be able to keep time, as long as possible to scratch resistance, etc. , so the quality of inkjet film making, performance requirements, more than the ordinary ink-jet printing paper, ink jet printing paper and other popular inkjet printing media products. 5. Stable quality, the various performance ( Including surface tension, etc. ) Excellent special ink ink film output. As we know, the ink is divided into three broad categories, namely, dye ink, pigment ink and solvent ink, for inkjet film output system, should choose the pure water-based dye ink. Because, first of all pure water-based dye ink print smooth, do not plug, head of printer ink non-corrosive, can guarantee the service life of the ink head. Followed by pure water-based dye ink can fully penetrate the film inside the ink absorption layer, which can guarantee when printing printing surface can be close to the PS version, prevent plate burning time already seeped & throughout; , and increase the scratch resistance of the branch. And as long as water-based dye ink and printing ink film can achieve perfect combination, not only won't spread and ink, and can also be waterproof, can still get tap down there, just after the blow it with hair dryer oven drying, network edge corner o9ccf won't have any ink phenomenon to appear. For the paint pigment ink particles cannot penetrate absorbing ink layer inside the cavity, can only stay in the surface of the ink absorption layer, this will cause printing film and PS version, appear light permeability & throughout; Phenomenon. In addition, due to the pigment particles to stay on the surface, its scraping resistance is poor. Also can't use solvent ink ink film output system. As is known to all, has a certain corrosive solvent ink, so use solvent ink printer is the use of special design of the head and ink refill tube, not all printers can use solvent ink, otherwise, the ink head and refill tube nozzle will be easily damaged because of the corrosion.
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