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The standard of good green packaging design

by:WenJie     2020-04-02

good green printing & packaging & packaging design should follow the following principles:

( 1) Combining with the characteristics of product and use of goods form elements in aesthetic principles. ( 2) To meet the market demand, to carry on the accurate market positioning, creating brand personality. ( 3) Want to light, thin, short, small & throughout; To prevent excessive packing, exaggeration and useless. ( 4) To draw inspiration from the nature, using simulation technique for packaging appearance of design innovation. ( 5) Fully considering the environmental and ergonomic factors. ( 6) Actively use new technology, new material for modern packaging design. ( 7) To develop the series packaging design.

however, to really reach the standard of green packaging, only rely on the above points is not perfect, also need the green packaging technology as a supplement. Here said the technology factors including packaging design equipment, technology, energy and technology. The so-called green technology, it is to point to to reduce pollution, reduce consumption, pollution or improve the ecological system of technology.

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