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The stand or fall of how to identify the cartons

by:WenJie     2020-09-09

packing carton quality is good or bad when we are in the daily use of more concern, because if its quality is not very good, can make the vegetables preservation is not so good, so should be how to identify its quality stand or fall? We are now following cardboard-box factory in shenzhen to look at?

along with the increase in dosage of various industries for corrugated carton, users also put forward higher requirements for its function. In the structural design of carton, especially in the case of container transportation, shelves storage, reasonable size, shape and distribution of material can not only save costs, provide the best printing & packaging & packaging solutions, and can guarantee the product in the process of long-term freight to get the most effective protection. In this case, the structure and dimension design of corrugated carton also appears increasingly important.

check the sealing strength: to achieve a vacuum packaging carton, pincer-like device check is a top priority, detection: the hands into bags and average force to the opposite direction. Tear is pincer-like device even if the deformation will not layered peeling, as the sealing strength is high, with a tear is broken, is regarded as the sealing low light, in real life, the packing bag of CPE material is higher than the OPP material strength.

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