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The role of the neutral gray balance

by:WenJie     2020-09-08

color printing packing factory production of color printing packaging is to use the color reduction, gradual reduction, texture reduction, resolution reduction produced by the working principle of the presswork. And the neutral gray balance plays a very important role in color printing printing & packaging. And the neutral gray balance to correct copy of the original grey role. Second, neutral gray balance of color in the color printing & packaging printing & packaging can remove plays an important role.

background removal can reduce the ink amount, to improve the color printing & packaging printing & packaging adaptability; And when is good for printing control neutral gray balance; There is conducive to ink drying, can radically reduce the amount of trichromatic color ink dieyin; Has increased the dosage of black ink, which, in turn, reduces the cost. Can affect the high-speed printing machine speed problem is the ink dry, that is to say, ink drying speed can indirectly affect the speed of high-speed multi-color printing & packaging machine and the improvement of product quality, the problem can use a variety of methods to solve, such as the composition and structure of ink, printing press drying method, another is from the process was improved.

that's color printing packaging manufacturers to share the neutral gray balance of what good, you see here must have some idea, if you have any questions, welcome to inquire.

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