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The reason analysis of the fluctuation of the packaging and printing overprint during production

by:WenJie     2020-04-04
1. Electrical failure caused by overprint fluctuations in general, gravure press alignment system of the electrical department is made up of inspection department, processing equipment and actuator. Any link not work properly, can cause overprint fluctuations. Therefore, to analyze the cause of the overprint fluctuations, must be familiar with overprint principle of the electrical system. In all kinds of printing unit, the plate cylinder each turn, produces a pulse, and it is produced by the printing unit encoder with 500 pulses into coding circuit board. Through coding circuit board processing, form four pulses, and was sent to the longitudinal ( Or horizontal) Alignment circuit board. Here, the four cursor on a pulse signal and the detection of a pulse signal, if the overprint deviation, on the alignment circuit board will output a 5 v voltage into the PLC. After the PLC processing to the stepper motor drives, pushing stepper motor movements, achieve the goal of alignment adjustment. Check the fluctuations caused by electrical failure overprint, usually adopt method of hildesheim. In understanding overprint system based on the principle of electrical, check whether each related electrical original normal step by step and the circuit was clear. But to adjust a detailed model of gravure press after alignment is match experience, can also be unconventional thinking ways, so that can more quickly find out the fault point. 2. Mechanical failure caused by overprint wave from the point of practical experience, to examine the overprint system mechanical aspects, there is no fixed method. Only for gravure press machinery department to understand and master, what are known as mechanical structure affect overprint, to find problem as soon as possible. Of course, because of mechanical failure appeared & throughout; Generally appear throughout & than electrical fault; More significant, therefore, to find out the resulting overprint wave is more easily. Like, after the impression cylinder through a long-term use, the surface will bring more significant traces of wear, will affect accuracy. The thinner substrates, the greater the impact on the accuracy. In addition, if the impression cylinder was observed in the process of printing up and down continuously vibration, is a good chance that embossing roller bearing damage, the longitudinal alignment of printing products have an impact. Again, such as, plate cylinder lock, there will be a small move, often cause lateral overprint hardcore sex on the beat. In addition, the paper guide roller transverse moving, stepper motor drive unit on the topic, etc. , also can cause overprint fluctuations. Moreover, this kind of overprint fault, its performance is essentially flush from time to time in the process of producing more substantially, with the overprint. 3. Other factors caused by overprint of the reasons of the fluctuation in addition to the electrical and mechanical, and other aspects of overprint fluctuation also nots allow to ignore. First of all, improper manipulation will cause overprint fluctuations. Like, tension size is inappropriate, it equipment in high speed, paper tape will be loose and tight, affect the vertical alignment. Again, such as, the oven temperature set too high, could lead to a paper by oven after deformation is too large, under the influence of color overprint. Secondly, raw materials and produce also has effect on the environment to overprint. Paper too loose will make the actual tension change frequently, increase the control difficulty, as a result of misregister mostly in longitudinal; Paper edge is not neat will make the paper guide system action, affect the lateral overprint. Produce environmental temperature and humidity condition, the paper in the deformation size has a certain influence in the process of printing & packaging.
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