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The problem analyses domestic printing machine industry

by:WenJie     2020-04-16
Domestic printing factory house is numerous, spurt the code machine mouth, is only one of the few brands. Most domestic spurt the code machine exists weak, small scale, poor quality, problems such as more than disadvantages. 1, domestic printing factory does not comply with the company name and producing area, false propaganda. Many domestic printing equipment manufacturer, rent a small manufacturer or two offices, assembly machines, publicity for XX printing equipment company. Propaganda on false information, the quality of the printing equipment is not guaranteed. 2, some domestic printing equipment company, the lack of capital investment, by buying accessories assembly equipment, research and development strength, technology relied on imitation, how is it possible to assure the quality of the equipment. In the enterprise also boldly bragged about when the propaganda strength, can't compliment. 3, most of the domestic printing machine sales is poor, less revenue, profit is less, the company operation difficulty, in dealing with the development of new technology and equipment on the question of quality. Such consequences are unable to provide the new technology, there is no research and development of new equipment, equipment quality guarantee, no sales growth of the enterprise, no profit to speak of, bad circulation, drag on the enterprise. 4, the last point is printing equipment after-sales service problems, many domestic printing & packaging equipment pre-sale do very is not standard, when it comes to after-sales is harder. After-sales service also need to be standardized, systematic, a good brand need to spurt the code machine many after-sales service as guarantee.
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