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The principle of advanced technology of laser engraving and advantage analysis

by:WenJie     2020-04-02

laser engraving is a fully integrated, two step can be completed, no film plate making process, it is for label printing industry an important milestone. Prepress process until now the most tedious part or the whole printing process, direct laser engraving technology greatly simplifies the prepress process, make the process highly efficient. It also makes printers can quickly respond to the market, provide more efficient service. More importantly, this rapid plate-making technology can be suitable for the flexible version, rotary screen printing, letterpress and waterless offset printing.

the basic principle of direct laser engraving

laser engraving process is a kind of sleeve plate imaging process. Plate packages on the steel drum body, and then at very high speed rotation ( Up to 2400 RPM) 。 Drum rotating at high speed at the same time, it will move along the horizontal axial and through laser engraving equipment, make the whole plate exposure under the intense CO2 laser beam. Plate absorption of laser energy leading to carving area plate material thermal decomposition. After carving plate after a quick wash can be directly used for printing.

professional 3 d software to allow the operator to easily to control network forming, high precision to ensure the picture and text area, including network formed at the bottom of the slope, relief height and the outlet size.

the plate-making technology is suitable for a variety of materials, including polymers, EPDM ( Epdm ( Contain double loop glutaric thin) ) Rubber sleeve and electroforming nickel screen drum of emulsion.

in flexographic printing, embossed and waterless offset printing plate making process, the graphic area by laser ablation, graphic area is intact. Rotary screen printing plate production, graphic area be ablation of materials, to make the mesh form. This is also in the printing process to ensure the good foundation of ink transfer.

the advantages of direct laser engraving

direct laser engraving has the following advantages:

high production efficiency & ndash; — Direct laser engraving process simplified, time is only half of the traditional carved plate making process. Repeat orders of plate making you just need to upload files & ndash; — So the whole preparation process is only a few minutes away.

quality plate & ndash; — Perfect plate size means that the best ink transfer and high contrast of fine line draft. So small bar codes and words do not need to change size for the pursuit of clear and scanning ability. Relief base that highlights the carving area smaller dot enlargement rate. After long time wear an unsupported branch also can ensure the stability of size. Network embossed design can prevent the accumulation of dust in the graphic area.

plate quality more stable & ndash; — Two of the before and after the printing & packaging plate sleeve can be completely consistent.

use longer life & ndash; — Won't produce plate expansion/expansion. Also can realize seamless steel plate.

lower plate making cost & ndash; — Without developing and drying for a long period of time, only the cost of consumption is the energy consumption of the system is running, very small amount of CO2 gas and plate sleeve itself costs. The structure of the system is compact means can save more space.

good environmental performance & ndash; — Similarly, in the process of the whole process does not use chemicals and UV light, only use a small amount of water and CO2. This means that does not produce any limit emissions of waste.

quality advantages of

on the market at present there are a series of engraving device & ndash; — Wide field of engraving machine is mainly for flexographic, catered to the needs of the broad and narrow suppliers. Professional engraving system can be used for the flexible version of narrow, letterpress, offset printing & packaging and rotary screen printing plate production, can provide a complete solution to meet all kinds of prepress production. Professional rotary screen device for large user is a good choice. Printers can, in general, the comprehensive control on the plate production process, make the cost control in a reasonable scope, and ensure the plate quality and stability of the perfect. With prepress greatly shorten the production cycle, printers can more freely and meet the challenges of the market, the length of the delivery time because now the industry has become the main means of competition.

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