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The present situation of our flexo and flexo prepress design considerations

by:WenJie     2020-04-11
At present our country flexo printing products at a very low level, the print quality is given priority to with low, coarse, Jane, fine multi-color overprint don't pass; At the same time, the application range is small, the main printed word line and field, network live isn't a lot. Restrict the application and development of flexo printing & packaging in China, in addition to equipment and technical problems, another main reason is that the designers don't understand the characteristics of flexo printing & packaging technology, lead to a lack of communication between designing and printing & packaging, can't give full play to the advantages of flexo. Because the Oriental culture and the European and American culture differences, making their products printing & packaging are obviously different on design style, it also makes the flexo short term by a certain impact on the development of our country. Europe and the United States stressed with concise color piece, line gives people a strong visual impact, this kind of product is easy to use flexo printing. And printing & packaging world ruled by gravure, offset printing for a long time in China and its influence, more focused on realism, use a lot of realistic level design, and thus to use flexible printing to offset printing, gravure printing effect, the end user is hard to accept. So the degree of flexo is accepted in our country is lower than offset and gravure. In the flexo print design, should pay attention to avoid the following aspects: 1. Avoid text design is too small and too fine lines; 2. To avoid the line of two color or multicolor and text overprint; 3. Design to avoid small white text and lines; 4. Avoid image highlights offline or 1% of the small branches; 5. Avoid design in photoshop equipotential chart software text or lines; 6. Avoid cylinder horizontally along the design wide and long field and gradient; 7. Unless special requirements, avoid large area field with branches and small text on the same page. 8. Avoid operating software.
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