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The practicality and safety of fruit packaging design consideration

by:WenJie     2020-08-31

the practicality and safety of fruit packaging design, to consider what factors? Fruit packaging design should first consider is the practicality and safety of fruit printing & packaging & packaging, some are more likely to damage the strawberry, for example, Yang mei, lychees, due to the mature time is short, easy metamorphic taste after the goods in transit. Therefore need to focus on in this respect.

general fruit packaging design will consider open a window or is punched, which facilitates packing box of the internal air circulation, breathable, lest cause fruit closed anoxia ripening fast decay. Common type of packing:

1. Tap + cover ( Open the window)

2。 With the handle box or boxes ( Punch)

fruit printing & packaging & packaging in bearing considerations are generally within 10 kg, big fruit, durian, for example, hami melon, watermelon, etc. Almost no outer packing or packaging. Guangdong common fruit packaging or to litchi, gong orange, dragon fruit, longan, carambola, pineapple, loquat, waxberry, passion fruit, orange, and so on is given priority to, because the south fruit more and complex, I not illustrates one. The above several types of fruit packaging design, to consider is the preservation and transportation sales. Generally choose the form of carton and tap sealed printing & packaging & packaging, it is in order to transportation safety, two is also convenient to give gifts. If it is orange, apple, pear, pitaya, are resistant to put fruit, can consider to fruit cartons, so that you can easy stacking. Like apples and pears are common in the north, to be shipped to the south sell, must want to consider the pressure problem of packing.

fruit packaging design under the precondition of transportation convenience, the material of our choice must have very good pressure performance, usually choose made of cardboard, corrugated paper is more pit paper. There are all kinds of pit type combination collocation, like fedex plane box type can reach 50 kg pressure, this kind of material made of carton in the storage, transportation, sales, carrying and are compared with the safety of use. Secondly, moisture, shock, prevent pressure, the leak is also a problem, especially in some small volume of fruit, such as the choice of packaging material, loquat, generally considering earthquake bubble net, this can not only increase the volume can reach certain protective effect, with carton grid design can achieve the ideal packaging safety.

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