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The material of the paper determines the quality of color printing

by:WenJie     2020-09-14

color printing printing & packaging & packaging manufacturer told us, paper printing color are the major factors decide the material of the paper itself, as well as ink and ink additives, today we are going to understand the determinants in determining the quality of color printing - - The material of the paper.

according to color printing packing factory, the material of the paper itself is the basis of printing & packaging color, the ideal paper reflects nearly all the colours, and the other due to absorb part of the incident light, the paper finally produced the color difference, due to differences in different paper mill production process, causing the surface of the paper white and smoothness of significant differences, resulting in carrying on the ink film slants thin, pigment particles Lou in the outside, the color is not bright.

in addition, the main raw material is paper is printed ink, if the color ink fountain in coating and ink roller not clean, mixed with other color, can cause partial color, forming different colour, so in printing the front to the ink fountain, ink roller and water roller clean, especially in the dark in light color, more attention should be paid to clean.

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