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The material of packaging cartons

by:WenJie     2020-08-26

in four big paper, plastic, metal, glass packaging materials, paper material of the cheapest price, and can be recycled, environmentally friendly, so the fastest growing. Common paper products are: food box, napkin paper box, paper bags, cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, food wrapping paper barrels, handmade paper art as well as a variety of gift packaging paper products such as gift box.

box belongs to the most common kinds of packaging, paper packaging and printing materials for using corrugated paper, cardboard, grey base plate and special art paper, white card, also some use cardboard or multilayer light embossing board combined with specialty paper, in order to obtain stronger support structure. Many products suitable for carton packaging, such as common medicine, food, cosmetics, tobacco, household appliances, metal, glass, ceramics, electronic products, etc.

structure design, the paper, in accordance with the packaging requirements of different products. As the same drug printing & packaging, tablets and bottles of liquid medicine is very different to the requirement of the packaging structure, bottled liquid medicine need high strength resistant extrusion cardboard composite structure form a protective layer, its structure, usually in combination layer usually USES the fixed bottle device, the outer packing has a lot to do with the size and specifications of the bottle. And some packaging carton was a run out or lost, such as household paper towel box, need not very strong, but need to choose to meet the requirements of food packaging hygiene paper products production box, and the cost is also very economical.

tobacco boxes, both in terms of material and craft is very exquisite, hard box cigarette packet using advanced white card, has a fixed structure form and the size, in terms of printing process, many manufacturers choose to more reliable anti-counterfeiting printing & packaging, cold foil process, therefore, has a bright color and difficult play material and printing technology of replication technology is more affected by tobacco rod. There are cartons with more complex structure and various materials, such as, all kinds of high-end tea packaging, gift packaging, even bread once popular Mid-Autumn festival gift packing box, some packaging in order to more safely protection products and highlight its precious and luxury, while others completely for the sake of packaging and packaging, is not in conformity with the packing to be mentioned below and practical function.

use material aspect of cartons, cardboard. Generally the quantitative in more than 200 GSM, or thickness in 0. More than 3 mm paper called the cardboard. Board the same as the paper basic raw materials, due to its strength, the characteristics of easy to fold and become the main production of packaging carton paper. There were many board type, thickness is in commonly 0. 3 to 1. Between 1 mm.

: corrugated cardboard is mainly composed of two parallel flat piece of paper as the paper and in the paper, intermediate clip by corrugated roller processed into corrugated corrugated core paper, each page and stare blankly peak coated with the adhesive corrugated paper sticking together. Corrugated board is used mainly for outer packing to protect the goods in circulation, also has a relatively thin corrugated cardboard packaging can be used as a commodity in the village to reinforcement and protection of the goods. Corrugated is a lot of more phyletic, such as the single side, double side, double and multilayer.

white paper board, with chemical pulp with the degree of the pulp, with normal paper board liner white paper board, kraft pulp liner paper board, etc. There is a completely made of chemical pulp copy white cardboard, also known as senior white board paper.

strawboards refers to the straw as the main raw material production by the lime method of pulp copy from low-level cardboard, mainly used to paste in the carton box core fixed role.

kraft paper board: to sulfate pulp copy. One side hanging kraft pulp called single kraft paper board, two hanging kraft paper board are called double kraft paper board. Main effect of the corrugated paper board face called liner board, its strength is greatly higher than that of ordinary surface paper board. Also can be combined with water resistant resin made of water resistant kraft paper board, used for collection of beverage packaging.

composite board processing: it refers to using composite aluminum foil, polyethylene, greaseproof paper, wax and added to the other materials such as composite board. It made up for the inadequacy of ordinary cardboard, oil resistant, waterproof, preservation, and other new functions.

choose which type of cardboard, and using what kind of printing process? First see if its material can conform to the requirements of the structural design, can carry the product in the process of transportation, storage, display the strength required. Next, want to review the types of cardboard can conform to the requirements of the required quality products, some products have strict requirements on packaging material performance, such as part of the food or medicine packaging. Whether conform to the printing and packaging technology is also important basis, large quantities of packaging materials usually adopt high-speed roller intaglio printing, flexographic printing, etc. Sometimes, postpress become the factor of select material, for high speed and accurate after die cutting, cutting or other printing process, are very common in modern packaging.

in order to adapt to the requirement of green environmental protection, more and more companies choose to scrap or waste paper processing, reusable cardboard as the preferred packaging, printing process and printing ink is accord with standard of green printing & packaging, their products and gain market and consumers welcome.

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