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The main factors affecting the quality of color printing color copy

by:WenJie     2020-04-12
Graphic copy on the printing press, many factors that affect replication image color, such as: dot enlargement, printing color sequence and overprint, ink color and density, temperature and viscosity of the ink, water supply ( Offset printing) , paper properties, plate layout depth, printing pressure, etc. 1. Dot enlargement in the printing, will happen dot enlargement, expanding the volume over a certain range will produce a lot of quality problems. This site would reduce the contrast of the image, and make the image darker, dark color outlets paste death, make copy hue change sharply, when printing of various image nodes at the same time expand, overall darker images. When only one color dot enlargement, copy image will generate partial color, for example: in the magenta version of dot coverage in expanding, 50% of the site into 55%, the red color of printing image, into a red color, neutral color into pink, green, dirty. pressure and field ink density can affect dot enlargement. pressure small changes can make the printing image to produce obvious change; Field ink density increases, the network to expand, to produce a great impact on the image and dark color. 2. color sequence and overprint color image printing, the printing & packaging ink is monochromatic color overprint, bad dieyin can produce color deviation, the color mixture and hierarchical disorder. color sequence arranged a great influence on dieyin color effect. For multi-color printing presses, all kinds of printing ink printing time interval is short, the color of ink dieyin is first printed ink surface, belong to & quot; Wet wet stack & quot; condition. In China and India dieyin color ink on paper than wet ink layer on the surface of the ink printed on the edge. Two kinds of color ink, as long as the invert color series, dieyin color hue, lightness and saturation may be different. Such as cyan and magenta ink dieyin, first printed green after the magenta, cyan color; integrated First printed after the magenta and green, dieyin red color. In order to obtain good superimposition effect, color series scheduled after reasonable arrangements with the viscosity of the ink. 3. Hue and the ink printing & packaging ink used in the production field density have varying degrees of color, make the printing image produces partial color, should use less ink color as far as possible to color printing. image printing ink density determines surface of the ground image order harmonic tone reproduction. The field density is higher, the order harmonic tone reproduction range is wide. Field density is small, the lower the image color saturation, dieyin colors weaken. 4. Temperature and viscosity of ink printing image replication, ink viscosity is a very important parameter. General gravure printing with liquid ink, lose the ink device without distributing and channeling in ink, ink viscosity by adding suitable amount of solvent into the ink tank control. Commonly used offset printing and embossed viscous ink, the ink viscosity is very large. In order to make the ink transfer from the plate to the paper surface evenly, letterpress and offset printing machine has a uniform ink and ink device. Ink transfer between the devices of the roll and be together in the process of squeeze, shear and separation. Roller in order to overcome the work, while the internal friction of ink and ink roller surface temperatures, is passed and was in the process of, squeeze, shear and separation. Roller in order to overcome the ink work, while the internal friction and make the ink roller surface temperatures, is passed with the decrease of ink viscosity. Ink is thinning, roll surface load reduced the volume of ink, to reduce the amount of ink the paper surface, make the change order harmonic color of printing image and damage of printing image. Studies have shown that: the printer boot after printing, printing image causes of color deviation 60% belong to the ink roller caused by temperature change. 5. Offset printing & packaging ink balance offset printing ink balance production directly affect the image quality of replication. Water while plate up the dirty, paste version; Ambassador water ink emulsification, reduce printing image color saturation.
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