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The light of the waterless printing plates stripping principle is analysed

by:WenJie     2020-04-14
For anhydrous shed light principle of printing & packaging plates, we at present relatively mature toray anhydrous plate as an example, the temperature of plate and a brief description: photosensitive depth toray anhydrous and sensitive plate temperature depth analysis of waterless offset plate by 2 & mu; M thick, thin oil layer of silicon, thermonasty resin layer and aluminum. Blank part is composed of investing ink silicone, graphic part is composed of hydrophilic thermonasty resin, for the graphic part is lower than blank part 2 & mu; M flat gravure structure. Laser process, along with the rise of temperature, thermal layer composition of absorption of laser, generate heat, light-sensitive depth increases, the silica gel layer temperature up to 450 ℃ Range of 500 ℃, the silica gel layer is completely exposed. When the temperature reached 500 ℃, the surface of the plate exposure depth peak, maximum exposure depth of about 2 at this time. 2μ m( 2μ Exposure depth + 0 m silica gel layer. 2μ M feeling heat exposure layer depth) , the temperature continue to increase, will no longer have a greater influence on graphic quality, surface exposure depth increase slow at this time. A sharp temperature distribution in the change of the thermal layer to produce specific surface area, and silica gel layer of adhesion, through developing processing stripping silicon layer.
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