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The influencing factors of color printing packaging smoothness

by:WenJie     2020-09-09

the beautiful and quality color printing & packaging packaging, is that we need to think a lot about things, and because of the different product of materials and processing technology, we at the time of use, most of the quality of the products need to be determined according to the actual situation, we are now following color printing packing factory to look at?

if spray used in the packaging is different, may cause the cardboard humidity is different, the outer side and inner core side have difference between the moisture content of the moisture content, is the degree of change. As the package of color printing & packaging packaging is adopted by the board of the type are many, in terms of quality, type is different, have to also affects the carton when packing the flatness. Storage environment for flatness will also influence the humidity in the size, the higher the humidity in the storage environment, for the influence of the degree of color printing & packaging printing & packaging.

color printing packaging as an indispensable part of modern logistics, bear the important responsibility of RongZhuang, protection products, beautiful, so must pay attention to the possible factors, which affect the flatness. Roughness for packing effect and adornment effect has a great influence, so in the paper box packaging, must grasp the influence degree of factors.

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