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The influencing factors of color printing packaging luster

by:WenJie     2020-09-09

color printing packaging manufacturer of the product can be used in many industries, in particular, with the gradual development of packaging industry, and more and more high to the requirement of quality of color printing, color printing & packaging packing also can produce some problems, more direct is the luster of the color printing & packaging packaging, so what are the factors to win the packaging glossiness?

actually affect the product factor method is more, the ink will affect the hardness of gloss printing & packaging and printing & packaging, mainly is the ink film smoothness, there is a link of material nature and quantity of the decision. pressure is the key to good imprinted transfer, pressure is too big, so mark also will gradually expand, gloss also will become bad print gloss and roughness on the surface of the object has a lot to do, if the roughness is high, so is the reflection of the light is, the more play the principle of light scattering, glossiness will drop, if the rough cut, surface smooth and flat, the luster is high.

we need to place it in a comfortable environment, so that to prolong the life of the product, have very good effect, bring us great benefits, save a lot of cost.

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