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The influencing factors of color printing packaging gloss

by:WenJie     2020-09-12

color printing & packaging printing & packaging manufacturers of products that can be used in the printing & packaging industry, because we know that the beauty of printing & packaging to a large extent affect the product sales, now it's time to carefully to understand this knowledge introduction?

actually factors, which affect the product luster is more, it is the first problem of ink, if you want to solve the problem of plastic gravure color, first of all, will be selected quality is stable, and there is no deviation of ink color. A batch of printing quality if you use the same batch of ink printing, because different batch of ink does not guarantee that no color difference, the second is to control in the process of printing ink used by mixed solvent volatilization speed, when the volatile too fast, ink transfer rate is likely to reduce, will affect the color of the printing & packaging quality.

print gloss and roughness on the surface of the object has a lot to do, if the roughness is high, so is the reflection of the light is, the more play the principle of light scattering, glossiness will drop, if the rough cut, surface smooth and flat, the luster is high.

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