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The influencing factors of carton printing price

by:WenJie     2020-09-16

the cartons now has become now a printing color printing & packaging packing factory is most main products, different ways of printing need different equipment, as well as the price of the product also is to have a certain influence on the impression, what are the factors that may affect the carton printing quality? Today we will look at together.

impact on the quality of carton can be divided into several factors, generally at the time of printing products, we use the ink determines the quality of the products, because in the process of printing & packaging, using a lot of material, the better quality material, the higher the cost, natural selling price will be higher, the second is the product of printing process and different process is different, the time spent is also different, so also will affect the quality of the products.

general manufactured products are in mass production, if consumers want to buy more affordable quality products can be a one-time printing & packaging more and more cost-effective.

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