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The influence of temperature and humidity on the colored box color box custom have?

by:WenJie     2020-09-03

guangdong recently the weather is more sex, unforeseen sunny or rainy, the weather will affect our production? How many there will be, but not major. In terms of guangdong fruit, the change in the weather is great influence, such as the recent listing of litchi and Yang mei, star fruit, such as fruit, in case of heavy rain or heavy rain cases, lose a good chance. So the weather is very critical. So for our packing factory, environment temperature also affects the quality of corrugated box color box of custom a factor. Of course, this is just one of them, in terms of relative Yu Guonong, weather, temperature, etc will be much smaller influence on our printing production.

the temperature and humidity of air relative to our color box, color box customize the moisture content of the paper, under the condition of the water cut increase our printing water absorption performance is difficult to grasp, therefore, may lead to deformation of the paper when printing & packaging, up tight and wait for a problem. And misregister phenomenon may occur.

in general printing & packaging, temperature affect our drying time and drying quality of printing & packaging products. At high temperature drying speed, the lower is the slower. Low temperature prolong our printing waste our time costs. In addition, the temperature and humidity of workshop audio quality of ink, and printing graphic level unclear, bright colour and lustre is not poor quality.

workshop temperature too high, also can make our color box color box work custom printing equipment failure, as the thermal protection device, overload protection start, when the temperature is high, will affect the normal operation of equipment. Some need to ensure the equipment operation temperature rating once the heat discharge may appear to cause short circuit or fire.

in addition to some of the above situation, changes in the weather might also cause the color box color box customized customer turnover, and we accept the delivery delay problems. Packaging to protect the interests of the masses of customers, can be in batches for express delivery, in the form of logistics transportation and also supports the door to the customer.

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