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The influence of porosity on the printing paper porosity

by:WenJie     2020-04-09

the porosity of printing paper will affect the ink absorption of medium, ink medium by the capillary action of infiltration of paper layer pore and fiber in the clearance. Pore size and number of decided to ink absorption. Newsprint or the air permeability of uncoated paper will higher does not occur due to the paper on ink absorption of bad press, the ink from the paper surface with transfer to another a piece of paper on the back of the overlay. Some wants to adopt low porosity of printing paper, in order to prevent too much ink penetration and ink medium through until the end of the paper on the back of the dip reflection phenomenon ( 罢工, 通过) 。 The coating of coated paper layer due to the low porosity, so the ink absorbency of very moderate. The air permeability of coating had a great influence on drying of printing ink, such as low porosity, drying moisture not easily evaporate rapidly, when the paper surface of the shortcomings of easy cause blisters. And if the coating is very tight, porosity is appropriate, in leaf lithography, ink drying time will be very appropriate of paper of the ink and good gloss printing. Paper become more closely and low porosity, the more to the change of atmospheric humidity is increasingly sensitive and unstable and prone to revolute. The fixation of quick dry ink on paper, depending on the air permeability of paper. The ink maker in ink to add lac ( gelvarnish) And reduce the lac low viscosity of the ink viscosity oil to make quick dry ink.

printing & packaging, the printing ink after the oil in the paper, printed on paper the ink membrane viscosity of rapid rise, the ink was fixed in the paper. Quick dry ink for no porosity of the aluminum foil is not soon fixation. Porosity on the operational and purpose of the same paper as one of the factors, high porosity of paper used for paper printing, paper, book binding, envelopes and other paper processing machinery vacuum draining of the paper have a negative effect. Porosity also affect the paper glue sex coating penetrability. If the porosity is too high, the coating of rubber will penetrate the paper layer, and excessive solids material through the result of lack of lack of adhesive and coating paper surface phenomenon. Low porosity caused by the high density of paper when printing and processing of crimp the size change of faults. Book paper in printing, set pair to be set to effect, with high porosity of the paper in order to reduce its size changes. Used to copy or apply to specific coating paper sometimes very low porosity of the paper should be adopted. Saturation, filter paper and other absorbent paper should be more porosity advisable; And porosity are also important factors account for the wrapping paper.

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