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The influence factors of color printing packaging smoothness

by:WenJie     2020-09-10

color printing & packaging packaging manufacturer in the process of manufacturing products processing, the surface uneven problems more or less, this is inevitable, can only be flatness to reduce as much as possible, because the lower roughness, the quality of the product, the better. Now it's time to carefully to understand this knowledge introduction?

if spray used in the printing & packaging & packaging is different, may cause different cardboard humidity, the moisture content of moisture content of the outer side and inner core side there's a difference, will cause the change of roughness, due to the type of color printing packaging adopted by the board has a lot of, in terms of quality, type, etc will be different, so in the packaging when can also affect the flatness of the cartons. The humidity in the storage environment size for flatness also have influence, the higher the humidity in the storage environment, the greater the impact on its smoothness.

however, color printing packaging roughness height depends mainly on its spray deposit, cardboard type and environmental humidity and so on three aspects. Color printing packaging as an integral part of modern logistics, its RongZhuang on goods, such as protection, beautiful is shouldering the important responsibility.

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