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The elimination of electrostatic packaging products

by:WenJie     2020-09-08

in some packaging products production will be occurring in the process of adoption of a certain method to eliminate static electricity, the static electrode is likely to cause certain influence to need packaging products, so we must to carry on the static elimination, under the shenzhen cardboard-box factory brought everyone together to get to know some methods to eliminate static electricity.

1, physical elimination method: under the condition of without changing the material function, the method of using electrostatic itself inherent features to eliminate, such as' ground 'elimination method, electrostatic brush is installed on the process of elimination. Put the brush body in paper or plastic coil winding or volume, and makes the static elimination the earthing end of the brush and reliable grounding.

2, chemical elimination method: namely antistatic agent processing technology; Mainly the antistatic agent by filling or coating technology, method of motor can be modified for resin or base material, is more complete and perfect antistatic technology; But because adding or coating the antistatic agent, has caused the change of material chemical composition, and therefore do not apply to the handling of the paper, the technology only applies to on modification of plastic resin.

antistatic function of printing & packaging & packaging materials, because not only to eliminate the static electricity caused by all kinds of quality accidents, and advances the efficiency of packing for the customer, to ensure the sealing strength, more to get the customer's approval.

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