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The difference between the preprint and traditional way of color carton

by:WenJie     2020-03-30

the traditional production of color corrugated carton method is: first, on the single chip surface paper adopts the method of offset printing, and then use cover machine will be printed paper and corrugated paper laminating, die cutting into various box again.

the printed color corrugated carton production method is: use large gravure printing machine for printing on paper rolls, printing still receiving into rolls of paper, and then printed paper rolls as on the surface of paper made corrugated carton board, corrugated paper production line with die cutting machine cutting boxes.

gravure printing paper ( Web) — — Assembly line production of corrugated board & ndash; — Computer slitting & ndash; — Computer crosscutting & ndash; — Die cutting

1, pre-print production high efficiency

as printed using web gravure press printing, printing printing speed of up to 150 meters per minute, imports of printing presses up to 300 meters per minute. After printing on corrugated paper made of corrugated cardboard production line, more than the traditional cover machine speed.

2, pre-print production of color cartons can get high quality ink print

intaglio printing overprint precision can reach 0. 2 mm, gravure printing can also be printed and a complete TuGuang oil; Ordinary gravure printing quality after cable can be up to 200 line; On the gravure ink quantity is bigger than other printing way, up to 4. 5 g / ㎡, print ink more saturated; After each color gravure printing full drying, print bright color more stronger; So in the surface smoothness is higher under the premise of the paper, gravure printing can get very high ink printing quality. Are most of cigarette intaglio printing products. At present, the domestic production of water-based gravure paper printing ink has been relatively mature, can withstand corrugated paper production line 180 degrees high temperatures and the requirements of the hot plate friction.

3, pre-print production can get large-format color more color printing & packaging

traditional color offset printing format are usually is 1. 2; O. 9 meters, usually only at most four color printing. And gravure printing domestic current can reach 1. 7 x1。 7 meters of printing format, can easily make it 5 & ndash; 12 color printing machine. Foreign gravure press the widest width up to 3. 4 meters. Gravure printing gold ink, silver ink and other special ink printing.

4, pre-print production more suitable for the large quantities of long version live

as a result of gravure plate making fee is higher, in general, a senior level edition fee is 0. 7 yuan/c ㎡, ordinary level and line edition fee is 0. 35 yuan / ㎡ c. Gravure plate resistance to printing for 300 & ndash; 4 million print, high-grade gravure printing & packaging only in primary tinted waste generated. So the print runs, the greater the preprint lower production costs.

5, preprint produce corrugated carton have higher strength

because preprint is done on the production line, corrugated carton production in making corrugated board have certain heating forming time, so than the traditional method of cover machine for corrugated carton strength is higher, and can avoid cover machine in the production of carton when the gelatinize unevenness, carton reinforced throughout the &; , warping phenomenon such as box board.

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