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The difference between the offset printing fault of ghosting and misregister

by:WenJie     2020-03-31

for offset printing, ghosting, misregister, and thick stick together called the offset printing, three big fault. These failures will lead to print the whole clear picture and level distortion. So, in the offset printing production, to take measures to avoid the happening of the fault. The problems to solve, must make clear the type of fault, however, for ghosting and misregister, both there is similar, if the fault judgment errors, it is difficult to solve the problem. So, distinguish ghosting and misregister, to control the quality of printed matter, is of great significance. For ghosting and misregister, although the mechanism and the formation of the two different ways, but there are a lot of things in common: misregister and cinema has a direction ( Circumferential and axial) 。 From the distribution of surface has a global and local phenomenon. Reasons have mechanical and process operation. The same fault reasons can cause some quality problems. In mechanical streaks to appear on the image, for example, if use a magnifying glass see in close to the edge of image points have double phenomenon appear; Also, the plate cylinder or rubber cloth roller axial channeling move, also can appear axial misregister and axial double. Misregister and heavy cinema will directly affect the product printing effect, make the image order harmonic level, blurred, serious when still can scrap, direct economic loss.

although there are a lot of similarities between, but there exists a great many ways.

(1) print form:

ghosting in a ( Monochromatic) Can be directly reflected in the printing, not need printing on two or more to reflect. Ghosting problem is a heavy & throughout; Words, in a network or image is repeated on a deep a shallow two shadow of the same kind of color.

there is no clear printing & packaging specifications, the printing on a piece of white paper last when it is not see overprinting accuracy problem; It is only through the comparison of image before and after, can distinguish printing image or text location are consistent. Therefore, overprint problem is focused on a set of & throughout; Word, even in the monochrome printing, also need through twice or more than two times overprint can clearly reflect the overprint problem.

(2) the direct cause of quality problems on:

produce ghosting is the direct cause of the printing on the rubber cloth in the network can't dot overlap with time after printing, i. e. rubber cloth or rubber roller in the previous fail to restore to its original position after printing and after printing overlap.

produce misregister problem is mainly due to the overprint positioning system appeared different degree of fault, the color with color printing image in the overprint position cannot overlap in the same position.

in offset printing & packaging process, the principle of offset printing with ink receptivity to printing, involves a physical change and chemical reaction, add to high-speed, multi-color offset press, automation development, parts structure is complex, the process and requirement of the high, ghosting and misregister fault emerge in endlessly, therefore, for offset printing machine operators, should not only have certain cultural level and professional and technical knowledge, and pay attention to the accumulation of certain operation experience and the ability to troubleshoot, in order to adapt to the needs of the development of offset printing production.

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