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The difference between the corrugated cardboard and paper

by:WenJie     2020-04-16
Cardboard is also called the board paper, by a variety of processed into pulp, fiber interwoven composition of thick sheet. The difference between the cardboard and paper usually distinguish by quantitative and thickness, the general will be more than 200 g/m2, thickness quantitative greater than zero. 5 mm is called board according to use can be divided into several categories: 1, wrapping paper, such as box board and liner board, strawboard, white cardboard, dipping liner board, etc. 2, industrial technology with cardboard, such as electric insulation board, asphalt waterproof board, etc. 3, wall board, such as asphalt felt, sound insulation board, fire board, gypsum board, etc. 4, printing & packaging and decoration board, such as word cardboard cover board, etc. Corrugated board production line is pressed corrugated roller base paper, glue, glue, paper separating, crosscutting specifications board, the last working procedure of assembly line by code output, etc.
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