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The design of the carton packaging and printing, the most important thing is to colour collocation!

by:WenJie     2020-04-17
Embodies the most is the carton printing & packaging is the product packaging, is to be valued. Its are required to beautiful and easy, meet people's aesthetic standard. This will be in the packaging color design and deployment of spend bit of idea, attached to the connotation of the graphics and text to also want to show it. Important is the carton packaging is tonal, tonal is color configuration on the overall picture of the general tendency and the general appeal, is a set of the main color of color, and printing technology in the whole picture of a certain advantage. requirements shelves at a distance from the moment of visually highlight, convey commodity information, this requires packaging design on the whole strong tone to match the printing & packaging market. Is the key to the packaging color design, color design equipment supplies. Tonal design requirements and the main functions of the product are consistent. Tonal design requirements with The Times, with different regions, different ethnic groups to colorific xi cream unifies, to adapt to this change, adapt to the trend of changing times. Also is the color contrast and set off each other, mutually to denounce is called the colour color, the color brightness difference is bigger, is a distinct and strong sense of contrast to the printing tools. Color only by contrast, can correctly express image printing. There is also have to reconcile, two phase close to the colour of the harmonic color printing & packaging tools. Harmonic color gives a person a kind of implicative, rich, elegant, pleasant, comfortable feeling. Colour respect is also important is the rhythm. Why people often say that music has a rhythm, rhythm colour also want? Rhythm is one of the important factors, composition forms are reflected in the picture has many changes, such as strength, light and shade, firm soft and the actual situation, the contradiction between the two sides of fluctuates, is not to say that the simple repetition can, but many forms the rhythm of movement, it has both repetition, and development, various aspects restrict each other, promote each other, embodies the harmony of natural printing market. The carton packaging color design is exquisite, is not a simple lenovo can all of a sudden come up with good ideas, need after repeated weighing and mature grasp of color. The beautiful printing & packaging design, not a moment to perfect things.
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