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The definition and the classification of the printing quotation of printing quotation

by:WenJie     2020-04-06
As the valuation of printing quotation enterprise special is to calculate customer processing printing products processing fees and client the cost of purchasing material. The valuation of generalized its contents should include: 1. The formulation and modification of price list. 2. The specific variety price negotiations and signing of review. 3. One kind of classification valuation and product review. 4. Party a single audit party b valuation and ambiguity resolution. 5. Personnel management of valuation, such as permissions, skills training, etc. The classification of the printing quotation 1. According to the nature of their work in terms of different classification can be divided into two broad categories. The first kind is reflects the dynamic labor, namely the current labor price, also is the price we often say that the processing fee. The second category is reflect static labor or materialized labor and condenses in the object of labor of other workers in the labor price, namely we often say that the paper, cardboard, plastic film, the price of the electrochemical aluminum and other materials. in practice, can only bear dynamic labor, also contains a small amount of not easily measured or do not need to express the materialized labor, such as included in the binding price of all kinds of depreciation, & lsquo; Drill mixture, book paper, including depreciation, motivation, and printing of all kinds of ink consumption, etc. Material is by printing and printing both sides can purchase items. If the two sides agreed by party procurement, printing & packaging, printing shall be in accordance with the provisions, the proportion of charge a fee, this leads to the third class prices, namely the contractor the price of the package material. As for material price is also known as lump sum price, in fact, is the sum of the first kind of prices and the second category. 2. According to its target in the form of finished product classification can be divided into different books valuation, newspaper valuation, in valuation, parts valuation and other printing & packaging. 3. According to the machining process can be divided into different classification in terms of plate making, printing, binding terms and quotation. With computer technology combined with printing industry gradually, the valuation will create new categories, such as digital printing quotation, can appear even replication valuation, data storage, valuation and so on.
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