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The dangers of counterfeit printer ink and distinguish method

by:WenJie     2020-04-11
Fake ink are some workshop production of small factory production of products, with some well-known manufacturers of trademark, shoddy on sale in the market. Counterfeit ink price is cheap, but cannot guarantee the ink technology, let alone print effect. And fake ink on the printer damage is very serious, often cause serious problems such as nozzle blockage. As became a fake ink and carelessly when, at the meeting what brand of, especially those who have no what type of pattern, and very cheap ink, do not buy. To identify the quality of ink we can use a very simple method to identify the printer ink quality, can use a match stick after soaking in compatible ink, uninterrupted line on the paper, cross the line of the fine, no disconnection, the deeper the color of the ink, the better the quality. Actual print inspection method is used to distinguish the ink quality, adding ink as required to empty cartridges (first The cartridge electrode must be good) 。 Then add good ink cartridges installed, inkjet cleaning the self-check print is normal ( If self-check all pass, then immediately wash off not suitable ink, ink changes) 。 Then use WORD for typesetting, set the background after 0 font and screening with LQ model/HQ finally print way for printing & packaging on the paper test, there should be no lack of good ink pen is broken and the problem of partial color.
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