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The daily maintenance and maintenance of the printer

by:WenJie     2020-04-06
A static maintenance of the printer, press the static maintenance is refers to the machine under the static state to the maintenance of the machine. 1, establish regulations of machine maintenance. Offset printing & packaging machine maintenance should will be subject to illustrations of the machines. Such as regular oil changes, clean the filter and detection precision of machine on a regular basis. 2, strengthen the maintenance of the important components. Gear, CAM, chain wheel, roller and bearing of these components is the most important parts of the printing press, their maintenance is different from the other parts, because they are the precision of change will affect the printing quality. Spring is on the machine used for force balance mechanism of most components, their work is good or bad directly determine the precision level of mutual coordination of the moving parts, elastic, you must be sensitive and anelastic and irreversible plastic deformation of spring job is very bad. If discover the problem above need to be replaced immediately to spring. 3, technical reform, strengthen the maintenance of the machine. Machine maintenance requirements when the design fully consider the machine maintenance is convenient. But because of the complexity of the printing & packaging press, consider every factor is clearly impossible, and the environment changes, the content of the machine maintenance will also change. So for those who go against the structure of the machine maintenance will not affect the normal work under the premise of improved. Second, printing machine dynamic maintenance of printing machine dynamic maintenance is refers to the printing press under a state of dynamic maintenance of the machine. Machine static maintenance is dynamic maintenance of the premise, same time, the dynamic operation of the machine can, in turn, testing machine static maintenance level. Dynamic maintenance of the machine is very important. From the following several aspects to analysis the main content of the machine should be under dynamic maintenance. 1, machine readiness test. How about readiness of the machine, can point moving or turning to tests. Such as tools and other objects card in the machine. Plate installation location whether appropriate, if not suitable can make plate damage or bring very great difficulty to find the rules; Install rubber cloth whether appropriate, if not appropriate, it could cause printing failures, serious when can make rubber cloth or machine damage. 2, machine lubrication condition. First oil through the observation of machine oil was clear, such as oil standard without oil or oil standard observation is not clear, it should be emergency stop check carefully whether the oil in oil leakage. Machine oil, although very easily observed, but very difficult to find the reason. Machine for the sliding bearing, low speed for the lubrication, especially on the lubrication point or a low speed impact is bigger. So before for such operations, the best first idling machine lubrication, is this a daily before going to work should be a priority. Some machine oil pump is driven by the host, so when the point, oil not only can not come on, it will suck back of oil in oil tank, it is very dangerous, so should avoid the point. For some important parts of the lubrication can also through its near the metal temperature detection, such as the temperature is too high, indicates a lubrication problem. 3, the impact in the process of machine. Impact yue xiaoyue is advantageous to the printing machine process, but also drive to extend the service life of machine. Reduce the pressure of printing & packaging ( Pressure) in the broadest sense of the Is an important condition for the smooth operation of machine, on the premise of guarantee the quality of printed matter, printing pressure as small as possible. Reduce the machine speed is to reduce the moment of inertia of a machine and an important condition, the lower the speed of the machine, the smaller the moment of inertia and therefore should not make the machine always in high speed running. The above several aspects simply press part of the daily maintenance and maintenance, the daily maintenance of printing machine and maintain the quality of high and low, directly affect the service life of the printer and the quality of the product, therefore can not be taken lightly.
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