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The concave and convex printing process principle and application

by:WenJie     2020-09-05

early concave and convex printing & packaging plate need to spend a lot of time, the quality of printing & packaging quality cannot be guaranteed, with 3 d software and the development of laser engraving technology, concave and convex printing process on the printing quality of stereo visual effect got significant improvement.

bump process is through the preformed sculpture model and pressure make paper surface form above to below the paper plane three-dimensional effect. Concave-convex embossing is also called the relief embossing process, of which the bombe the surface of the pressure from the paper back to process known as & other; Hit convex & throughout; ; And from a paper under positive pressure to surface concave is referred to as' indented & throughout; surface after the processing technology, it is the common technology, main purpose is to emphasize the overall design of a local, to highlight its important position.

the process first to a concave and convex set according to the design of graphic printing & packaging plate ( Male die and female die) , the use of pressure relief embossing machine is bigger, the already printed local graphics or in the space below, rolling pressure with 3 d graphics, make the printing quality has the stereoscopic effect. On the whole structure also has rich layers, add more and more strong artistic quality.

concave-convex embossing technology is a kind of environmental protection technology, its production process has no pollution. The market is very extensive application. Big to small high-end fashion products to a business card, concave and convex technology become a printing and packaging and graphic design industry one of the most common technology.

common print has elegant brochure cover, gift printing & packaging, advertising, leaflets, posters, handbags, cosmetics alert, envelopes and stationery, children's painting and calligraphy books, etc.

concave-convex embossing is also widely used in the paper surface processing, domestic and foreign many manufacturers professional machine used paper processing. Grain is diversiform, have very special artistic effect.


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