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The commonly used three kinds of prepress and network technology

by:WenJie     2020-04-09
There are three kinds of commonly used before printing and network technology, the following is for the three kinds of technology to carry on the simple analysis, let everybody to have a intuitive understanding of the difference between these techniques.

a, FM and network ( SFM)

FM screening technology is some particles ideas as independent pixel units. They are random distributed in a specific unit of area, the area according to the calculation methods of different and there are differences.

with the amplitude modulation and network comparison, FM screening has many advantages. In offset printing & packaging, flexographic printing, news, and other fields, with excellent development prospect. But due to the doctrine of FM screening dot is very small, so the eligibility requirements for paper, ink and equipment, high problem exists in the popularization and application.

two true color and network technology, high-fidelity

in order to further improve the level of printing & packaging process, improve the resolution of the printing equipment, give full play to the advantages of computer plate-making technology, and fundamentally improve the quality of the print copy. With the high fidelity of the true color and network technology. High-fidelity network is a new standard for FM network technology, is a pure software method. High-fidelity true color by FM outlets, use more than four color separation technology, the scope of color reproduction, printing density, clarity and level compared with four color and network technology has a significant improvement. High fidelity and network technology is the mainstream of the future and network technology.

three, amplitude modulation and network ( SAM)

the amplitude modulation and network technology is based on the grid center element, the center distance between two points, the arrangement of network follow certain rules, dot shape is designed point type. The size of the pixel values, control the size of the network, it and network node under the condition of same number, to change the size of the network to express image level of deep and shallow.

the amplitude modulation and network computer and electronic color separation machine and network technology are basically the same. Outlets in the shape of a fine adjustment, dot shape algorithm is a difficulty in the amplitude modulation and network technology.

all in all, because the network distribution regularity, determines the amplitude modulation and network in multi-color overprint, easy to produce interference fringes, must be strictly controlled color plate screen angles.

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