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The common printing paper printing and packaging

by:WenJie     2020-08-26

printing & packaging & packaging printing carton has a very wide range of applications, printing process and the integrated use of paper, formed in boxes total cartons creative conception. Excellent printing works is good graphic design, suitable printing carrier and excellent technology and printing process after cooperate with each other, merge the art of crystallization. And what common printing paper?

coated Art Paper

coated Paper is made in bleached wood pulp Paper coating a layer of white on chemical raw material, through the calender. So coated with one-side coated pressure light and double coating light two kinds, referred to as 'single copper and bronze, and because of pressure smooth surface is divided into light and inferior smooth two kinds, the industry referred to as' light copper and the powder coated paper is characterized by high surface smoothness and whiteness of paper, thickness even to small scale, is mainly used in printing brochures, posters, postcards and model, as well as the color and so on. G - 70 350 g / ㎡, sheet is given priority to, roll of Jane is less, habits of more than 300 g / ㎡ coated paper called copper plate, sheet specifications have 787 mmxl194mm mmx1092mm, 787 mmx870mm, 889.

offset Paper Woodfree Paper

offset Paper is made in bleached wood pulp Paper surface sizing, the uniform printing ink absorption, good smoothness of Paper surface smoothness, density and some poor printing effect than coated Paper, single two-sided offset Paper and offset Paper. Mainly used in brochures, periodicals, posters, stationery, envelopes, etc. Offset paper according to the ratio of pulp material is divided into three side, no. 1 and 2, 50 g - 180 g / ㎡, flat paper and roll paper. Flat paper specifications have 787 mmx1092mm, 850 mmx168mm, 880 mmx1230mm.

halftone Paper Protruding Paper

halftone Paper made from bleaching of stem fiber pulp, don't glue or micro surface sizing is using letterpress printing books, magazines, the main Paper. Typographic paper is divided into 1, 2, 3, 4 four levels. Numbers represent the quality of paper, the greater the number, the greater the paper is poor, typographic paper is characterized by uniform texture, fluff, slightly flexible, transparent, etc. , apply to the works, books, academic journals, textbooks, etc. , g: 50 ~ 80 g / ㎡. A flat paper and roll paper, Jane also have some special typographic paper size.

White card White Paperboard

is also called the White board paper, White card has two kinds of single-sided and double-sided. Grey and white two kinds, the early strong sex, folding resistance to fracture, mainly used in high-grade printing & packaging, hardcover book spine and propaganda card and elevator, gram weight range of 220 ~ 400 g / ㎡.

Newsprint Newsprint Paper

Newsprint Newsprint Paper, ink absorption, Paper weight. Is the press and public books ( Such as comic books and comic books, etc. ) The paper mainly; But because of the relationship of papermaking raw materials used, after long-term storage, newsprint will be yellow, harden, easy to brittle fracture. G is in commonly 50 g / ㎡, have flat paper and roll of Jane. Flat paper specifications have 787 mmx1092mm, 850 mmx1168mm, 880 mmx1230mm.

specialty Paper Fancy Paper

specialty Paper also called Fancy Paper, made from the raw material of different material, belongs to the decoration Paper. The surface of the paper embossing, through special processing. Because of the different material and papermaking technology, there are many different kinds of specialty paper, color is also very rich, is some fashionable avant-courier printing & packaging, printing & packaging, books, brochures in order to highlight the design effect is often used in the paper. But the price is generally higher than that of ordinary paper, also pay special attention to when printing color reproduction problems.

the types of paper also many, such as light paper, kraft paper, moben paper, bible paper, and used in the synthesis of food packaging paper, etc. Designers must be good at using all kinds of paper features, not only should calculate according to the paper specifications printing finished product size, do not waste paper, and at the same time as far as possible it is recommended to use some environmental regeneration recycle paper and craft, improve the service brand of the corporate image and social image.

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