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The combination of screen printing and offset printing, flexo printing advantage is introduced

by:WenJie     2020-03-31

screen printing is a very old way of printing, with the continuous development of printing technology, the digital prepress technology, digital computer plate-making, electronic imaging technology has been widely used in screen printing. Screen printing press at present has entered the field of precision printing, its structure is high precision, automation direction. Due to its unique advantages, screen printing has played an important role in many fields, especially in electronics, textile industry, such as large advertising printing superiority, is unmatched by other printing way. In addition, due to the universality of screen printing on substrates and the development of printing machinery, printing ink and other supplies, and other printing and combination of some merits can overcome their own shortcomings, make the market more widely screen printing.

1。 The combination of screen printing and offset printing

offset occupies the important position in the traditional printing technology, which combines offset printing and screen printing, play the advantages of two printing way, is a lot of packaging enterprises especially the quality of high-grade packaging decoration of choice. The design of the most top grade packaging decoration printing for large area color, rich color level, high printing quality. Make full use of screen printing ink layer thickness and the advantages of uniform, printable area of the field color piece, and other surface decoration effect, and the use of offset printing to printing four-color and complex line section. Achieved through the combination of offset printing and screen printing printing high-grade packaging decoration printing printing requirements.

such as high-grade quality cigarettes, medicine and other packaging and printing products, can screen printing is given priority to, the combination of offset printing and screen printing technology. Field printing part rely on screen printing, part of the use of offset printing twice; And pearl ink and color is the main screen printing process is used to print, at the same time, the grinding, ice, crystal and other special effects are also done by screen printing. Use screen printing machine for large area field printing and pearl printing, the purpose is to obtain high-quality goods cigarette packet and deep inky required, and ensure the ink uniform and consistent. In addition to some professional screen printing enterprises, the domestic many have offset printing machine printing & packaging printing plant are equipped with screen printing equipment. No doubt, the combination of offset printing and screen printing for products to create high added value.

2。 The combination of screen printing and flexo printing

at present, the printing precision rotary screen printing unit with flexographic printing presses, using screen printing has the characteristics of excellent hiding power, using the flexo printing itself advantages of fast speed, high resolution, achieve both advantages complementary. Used in exquisite packaging decoration printing, such as printing gold, silver metal effect or appear to float protruding, grinding and other special effects; With use of light and temperature change screen printing ink, also can increase the price ticket, high-grade trademark anti-counterfeiting function; Take this kind of printing method can also be for a specific population ( If the blind) Sign of presentation, and so on.

screen printing business and printing ink manufacturers are aware of the many advantages of rotary screen printing & packaging and flexible printing in the attachment processing ability, to intensify the study of the technology, screen printing and flexo combination technology has now reached a quite high level. Especially in U V ink printing, U V ink quality and stability is quite good, easy to use, because of the characteristic of the moment U V ink curing, many related to ink drying problem solved, plus modern flexographic printing machine open design makes rotary screen printing unit can be easily embedded into the production process, to promote the market demand for screen printing and flexo printing process. As another development direction of the electron beam ( E B ) Curing ink has the potential advantage, B E ink not only with U V technology advantages, and has a high hiding power. Today on the combination printing use E B ink curing equipment cost is still too expensive, once using this technique, to keep costs down, E B curing ink will be the next leap impetus, it will greatly improve the speed of covering and printer ink layer, to adapt to the sound and rapid processing requirements.

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