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The color printing gold ink needs to pay attention to what issues?

by:WenJie     2020-09-06

as the main raw material of the color printing gold ink is brass powder, it belongs to the active metal in the chemical, prone to change color after exposed in the air, therefore, we should pay attention to the following conditions when printing gold ink:

1, the gold ink if any contact with acid, alkali, carbon and sulfur, can produce different degree of chemical change, reduces the metal gloss, gold ink will appear black, and gold ink should avoid to be used for printing large area of acid method, paper in papermaking process, this paper is acidic, latter ink printing color not only, also will lose its luster.

2, the use of gold ink should grasp SuiDiao as printing principle, namely a mixing amount of appropriate new printing 3 hours or so, in order to avoid too much amount adjustment to make gold in oils and fats, time is too long, or prolonged contact with air oxidation metamorphism and lose golden sheen.

3, gold ink printing machine speed shoulds not be too fast, because the machine speed fast ink roller friction heat corresponding increase, easy to make gold ink oxidation of black. So, gold printing machine speed should be controlled in 3000 zhang/hour or so.

4, printing gold ink xuan not stack of semi-finished products too much, otherwise the gold ink on paper in the drying process by releasing heat can't send out as soon as possible, also can make gold ink oxidation discoloration. If

5, on the base of color printing gold ink should be paid attention to in the background with appropriate drying oil, so as to avoid ink dieyin gold for the bottom to the ink dries, will affect the gloss of gold ink color.

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