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The cloud printing - — How to implement a custom key packaging?

by:WenJie     2020-09-02

cloud printing packing, actually pop is a key to achieve online customization, and the printing capability of the enterprise itself and management services such as published in & other; Cloud & throughout; , the customer online customization requirements about process is: design material selection chart online, online trading, offline production, timely delivery. Cloud print service is based on cloud computing technology, such as production, organization and management, resource organization together to form a virtual service content. Cloud service's main purpose is to implement custom printing of on-demand supply and operation management, etc. Main content including can realize online task to send print jobs, transfer printing & packaging, printing production equipment, and logistics service, etc. , than with the traditional way, can achieve a variety of personalization, and can place the order at any time, the fast delivery.

in order to integrate customer resources, realize the authors synergies, so on the cloud services, we are going to different packing a custom class combination into a version of the same seal, or combined into scale in plate making in batches, achieve multiple customer share of stamp, also is the way of realization of authors. This cheaper service better way of printing, in today's increasingly sophisticated and personalized printing has great competitive advantage on the market. For example in the medium has strong advantage in the batch printing, winning by scale, this approach to attract enough customers for support cases, will be able to gain a foothold in the market.

printing industry growing demand for personalized, broken integration of information, network, printing technology, in order to adapt to the market personalized needs. Cloud print service has been in some printing enterprise success. When packing to custom user after the page order, cloud printing can analyze customer order information, to send orders to the factory, from the cloud repository file for printing, printing & packaging, logistics and other operations. After delivery to customer data archiving can retain. Implementation in the true sense of the cloud to print. It will press, printing enterprise, customer and platform operators organically relates in together, form a benefit sharing across the region.

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