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The classification of UV rubber roller and use the matters needing attention

by:WenJie     2020-04-03

a: classification of UV rubber roller there are two types of UV glue roller, UV rubber roller and UV/dual-use common rubber roller these two types. ( 1) The UV glue roller UV glue roller generally adopts EPDM rubber type rubber roller, hardness of 40 sh. ( 2) UV/ordinary rubber roller UV/ordinary dual-use rubber roller adopts 471 glue roller, hardness of 38 sh. 2: use UV glue roller the note by the nature of the UV glue roller, if the ordinary rubber type of rubber roller used for UV printing & packaging, or UV rubber roller used in ordinary printing & packaging, will have serious consequences. According to the principle of similar compatible, polarity similar ink and rubber roller can dissolve each other. Corrosion in rubber roller rubber.

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