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The causes of the thief

by:WenJie     2020-03-29

when the thief is due to the printing without alignment or set of not enough time to piece together the place with a white line without ink. Due to many printing & packaging plant is a manual alignment, the thief is hard to avoid. As well as the relationship between color, if the C, M the two color color piece together, printing & packaging when the thief was particularly obvious. Generally in adjacent color piece with a different version of color, like the left one with M, Y of two color version of a red, while the right side only C color version and none of the M, Y the composition of the blue, this kind of circumstance to appear the thief.

the thief, is between the two color piece with a very fine edge on both sides of the color, if take the example of the above, it is written in C, M, Y to do the edge.

there are generally black text can do trap ( Dieyin) , and can't do in PHOTOSHOP is not do make up for the thief, Except special requirement) 。

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