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The cause of plate printing endurance drop analysis

by:WenJie     2020-04-12
Cause of plate printing endurance drop can be operated in printing and printing two aspects. In the aspects of printing: 1. Exposure or before development occurred before the dew light; 2. Mesh density is high enough; 3. Owing to the high solution temperature and concentration, long development time or excessive cause excessive development; 4. Have a strong acid, strong alkali, organic solvents, in addition to the dirty liquid reagents such as attached on the plate; 5. With the number of plate cleaner is wiped too much and so on will affect the plate printing endurance. In printing & packaging, if printing pressure is too large or too much powder, paper, and USES the powerful plate cleaner in the UV printing and drum cleaning agent, also inevitably cause resistance to seal force. Especially it should be pointed out that in order to prevent dew light, for ordinary PS version to use yellow lamp lighting, fully cover the harmful rays.
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