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The cartons printed defects make up and quality control

by:WenJie     2020-03-31

for corrugated carton, beautifully printed pattern is the basis of a set of high quality printing & packaging blocks, and should make a set of high quality plate, plate making of every step cannot be a little deviation. But will always be some external force factors in the actual process operation, make produce inferior plate. These external factors may come from equipment, also may be from raw materials and artificial operation, in order to obtain better quality of plate, do these external force control is necessary to avoid the adverse impact. Let us see what is in the process of carton soft printed method to prevent and control these external factors.

a plate making quality control effect on the printing process

there are many factors influencing the printing quality, but if in pre-press plate-making process is a problem, even if again good printing materials used, no matter how high the quality of printing machines, binding again beautiful also is likely to produce qualified print. Optional for plate-making process, especially some of the more important working procedure quality control, will greatly affect the quality and efficiency of plate making.

the pitfalls of carton soft printed two

so-called carton plate making mistake, is refers to the producers of plate-making technology in the process of plate making misunderstanding caused by all kinds of problems, if we can understand and avoid misunderstanding, can effectively avoid the happening of plate production in all kinds of conditions, and thus improve the quality of plate.

three before printing plate-making film effect control

film occupies an important position in the prepress plate making, printing quality quality has been identified in the film. So how to choose and use the film so as to achieve the best effect of the output is very important.

pad version retainer of four color separation plate making technology to explore

flexographic pad version retainer process of color separation plate making, refers to the flexographic plate making full consideration in the process of specific printed text pattern characteristics, color sequence and may emerge in the process of all kinds of printing problems, and adopt an effective way of process layout color separation. Through the pad retainer technology introduced to reduce the plate in the use of all kinds of printing problems and failure to appear.

5 talk about protecting glue and plate making quality

in the process of plate making, printing & packaging plate of the graphic part and the graphic part will present the two features: the former oil-wet hydrophobic, the hydrophilic hydrophobic oil, in order to avoid caused by two different part of the property damage appeared in the process of plate in the use and maintenance, often use glue to protect blank part of the plate.

six flexo plate making process and control tip

in plate making work, each operator has a little own insight and experience, these tips can help operators plate-making work done faster and better, we here have gathered some tips for you, hope to help the plate-making practitioners.

7 read 30 factor which causes plate-making equipment failure

corrugated products printing plate is used for, so the quality of the plate from the source restrict the quality of the print. But depends on the quality of the plate making equipment operation, if the plate-making equipment itself or in the operational quality hidden trouble, will inevitably lead to plate is unqualified. So, the source of high quality printing is to guarantee the stability of plate making equipment.

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