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The cartons gravure scraping blade in the selection and installation

by:WenJie     2020-04-17

intaglio printing in selection, installation and adjustment of scraping blade has an important influence in the quality of printed matter. The following for scraping blade application in gravure and some opinions on the problems involved.

selection of scraping blade, install

high-speed gravure press, generally USES imported high elastic steel scraping blade, the thickness of 0. 15mm~0. 2mm。 Scraping blade installation, pay attention to the blade longer than plate on both sides of 10 mm to 20 mm in order to avoid of printing ink splash on the rubber roller. The steps and main points are as follows:

1. The distance from the lining and live to 10 mm. Facing with the distance of blade is 5 mm to 7 mm. But, according to the specific situation also can increase the distance (appropriately That is like a soft blade) Distance (or the reduction of Like a hard blade) 。

2。 Put new blades facing the back, screw groove tighten dao back into the knife, should be from the middle of the blade tighten, then gradually go toward outside, and on both sides to take turns to tighten. Introduced here to avoid blade buckling of a tip: when tightening the screws, should be completed by twice or three times, not one pace reachs the designated position. Should the screw, while holding a piece of cloth clamping blades and lining and to one side to pull it hard, it is flat like a knife. Flat blade to ensure uniform plate of ink.

3。 Choose a suitable grinding tools and grinding way.

use has not been sharpener stone on Monday, if the coarser grinding will not apply to the new oil stone knife. According to practical experience, with 1 emery paper knife is more appropriate, can new grinding blade, but also have great defect old blade grinding. If use 0 diamond sand paper to grind new knife can also, but if used to wear a larger old blade gap is difficult to grind. If sometimes think knife slices with 1 emery paper also relatively rough, but again a little fine grinding with 0 # emery paper. Sharpen the way generally has two kinds: one is to put the sand paper folding into a v-shaped, but should pay attention to several layers of sand paper, so as to avoid blade cutting wear sandpaper and hurting hands. The Angle of the blade of this way, higher efficiency, easier to control, but not very safe; Another kind is to use two hands pulling with sand paper at both ends of the blade, it is safe, but the Angle of the blade is not very good control. Too dull and too sharp blade has negative effect on printing & packaging quality.

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