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The carton printing need to pay attention to

by:WenJie     2020-09-11

shenzhen cardboard-box factory told us, holiday gifts and the reciprocal gifts between relatives and friends has become a necessary communication link, so gift box design printing is particularly important, today we are going to know what the carton need to pay attention to when printed.

in the first place, the carton design with printing & packaging to a gift, the correlation of the relevance of the design is very important, because the packing is just like is the product of the coat, coat to wear well that the product is a certain class; Moreover, the design of the carton printing should pay attention to the collocation of color, the color is very important, distinctive features bright color can give a person a kind of sweet and comfortable feeling, if the color design of mandarin is responsible for, or diversification, will weaken the grade of the gift in a certain form, will give consumers a feeling of undignified.

in the end, the design of the carton printing & packaging is another important feature for the arrangement of the text, text, undertake the task of is very important, because not only is related to the product introduction, also relates to the gift box of the beautiful, so the text on the selection and arrangement of particular attention must be paid.

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