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The carton packaging manufacturer batch production process is outlined

by:WenJie     2020-09-05

design: packaging designer application layout tools to create profiles, show me all the way of archives information and print paper, binding, and its information content. Application of electronic, carton packaging manufacturer with a record customer all the rules. In addition, the customer need to show the packaging and printing files after template packaging manufacturer to establish master the design of the output.

documents are prepared ahead of time: operators open customers to produce documents, check format, word, precision, waterproof plugging white and its setting. After inspection, for solve the puzzle, optical fiber sensors then transfer to digital printer control panel.

packaging printing: although there are a lot of preparation work have been automation technology, still must have the operators to printing equipment and computers. Carton printing & packaging manufacturer operators of printing paper to take correction Settings; Outlets to manipulate the tonal and adjusting precision size, ensure documents set appropriate; Check or pigments, in order to ensure adhesion; Inspection for the paper, to ensure the normal part of mechanical equipment operation.

book packaging and loading: according to the provisions of the customer and the types of printing & packaging & packaging and printing. Part of the cartons must be carried out sticky box package, pack the handmade multifarious to carton customized price harm is very big. Now with most manufacturers choose replace handmade machinery equipment manufacturing as much as possible, thus carton production is limited. Relative to character, forming a carton manufacturing it convenient, price cheaper.

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